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In the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Institute of Biology, Molecular Plant Physiology - Bioenergetics in Photoautotrophs (Prof. Dr. Kirstin Gutekunst), the following positions are to be filled as soon as possible:

2 Research Assistants (m/w/d), EG 13 TV-H, fixed term-position, part time (currently 26 hours per week)

Closes: 13.10.2022
Date of Hire: as soon as possible
Reference: 35471

Please send your application with the usual informative documents, stating the reference number in the subject line, via the online form. We have compiled further information for you in our FAQ.

In exceptional cases, we will also accept your application documents in paper form addressed to: The President of the University of Kassel, 34109 Kassel, Germany, or via mail to bewerbungen[at]uni-kassel.de, stating the reference number.

In the case of postal applications, please submit only copies of your documents (no folders), as these cannot be returned. All documents will be destroyed after completion of the selection process in compliance with data protection regulations.

Part-time position with 65 % of the working hours of a full-time employee. This is a fixed term-position until 31.07.2026 within the framework of the project "Photosynthetic hydrogen production in cyanobacteria" (corresponding to § 2 Abs. 2 WissZeitVG; opportunity for PhD project).

Cyanobacteria are prokaryots that perform photosynthesis like plants. Some cyanobacteria possess a hydrogenase (H2ase) that produces and consumes hydrogen (H2). They utilize electrons from the photosynthetic electron transfer chain in transition states to produce photosynthetic hydrogen. Hydrogen is a valuable energy carrier that releases energy when it reacts with oxygen in fuel cells. The storage of solar energy as photosynthetic hydrogen and its subsequent utilization in fuel cells is among the most sustainable ways to utilize solar energy. However, the photosynthetic hydrogen production of natural cyanobacterial cultures is too low for applications. Several strategies have been established to enhance and prolong hydrogen production via genetic manipulations and modified culture condition. Basic research is still required to understand the underlying processes in detail. This project will focus on mutants in which the hydrogenases was directly fused to photosystem I (PSI) of photosynthesis. The aim is to understand the physiology of the mutants and to additionally manipulate them genetically so that the electron transfer between PSI and the H2ase is optimized.


  • Scientific cooperation in the above project


  • Master degree in biochemistry or biology. The required degree must be available by the recruitment date at the latest.
  • True scientific enthusiasm, curiosity, and intrinsic motivation
  • Interest in basic research


  • A strong background in molecular biology

Please upload your application including a letter of motivation with two reference addresses and a CV including a list of mastered methods.

For further information please contact Prof. Dr. Kirstin Gutekunst, Mail: kirstin.gutekunst(at)uni-kassel(dot)de.

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The University of Kassel is very interested in the professional satisfaction of its employees. It is distinguished as a family-friendly university and, in the interests of equal opportunities, strives to offer everyone the same opportunities for development and to counteract existing disadvantages. It promotes the Family Welcome Service and also the Dual Career Service for positions that are scientifically and academically filled. One of the strategic goals of the University of Kassel is to significantly increase the proportion of women in research and teaching. Applications from women are therefore particularly welcome. Seriously handicapped and equivalent applicants are given preference if they have the same suitability, qualifications and professional performance. Full-time positions are generally divisible (except when filling civil servant positions). Applications indicating the Position Number, which may be in digital form, should be sent to the President of the University of Kassel, 34109 Kassel, Germany or bewerbungen@uni-kassel.de, quoting the applicable reference number.
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