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Only the German version of this call for submissions is legally binding.

The University of Kassel is seeking applications for as many as eight exposé scholarships to support those who are planning a doctorate at the University of Kassel.

Target group

Everybody who is accepted for supervision by a professor from the University of Kassel is eligible to apply.

Amount of the scholarship

The scholarship is worth EUR 1,300 per month. A supplement of EUR 200 per month is possible for candidates who are looking after children.


The scholarship is granted up to nine months. The main goal of the exposé scholarship is to write an exposé that is fundamental for the application for the official acceptance as a doctoral candidate at the University of Kassel. As a rule, the funding period is 1 Aril 2024 up to 31 December 2024.

Selection procedure

The committee for exposé scholarships makes decisions on awarding the scholarships according to the academic achievements, the abstract about the project and the letter of reference of the supervisor. The committee for exposé scholarships consists of the current Vice-President, at least three professors and an academic employee. An application is only possible once. If the scholarship is cancelled due to the birth of a child, a long-term illness or the care of relatives, it is possible to reapply.

Application documents

The application is made electronically via the following link:


The following documents in German or in English must be submitted in collated form in one PDF file (exclusion criterion) in the order mentioned below:

  • a cover letter (max. three pages) that states the motivation for the doctorate as well as the decision to do the doctorate at the University of Kassel and in which the plans for the further financing of the doctorate are outlined,
  • an abstract about the project planned (max. two pages plus literature); the abstract gives information about the current state of research and the own preliminary work, the goals and questions, used methods and expected scientific contribution,
  • a CV in tabular form,
  • one copy of higher education qualifications,
  • a letter of reference from the professor who will be the supervisor, in which the person assures that he / she will supervise the project. The applicant will add this letter to the application.

The closing date for applications is 01 November 2023.

Contact details

University of Kassel, Stabsstelle Forschungs- und Graduiertenförderung, Mönchebergstr. 19, 34109 Kassel, stipendium@uni-kassel.de, Phone 0561 804-7742 or -2263.

Website: http://www.uni-kassel.de/go/exposee-scholarship

You can find more jobs at stellen.uni-kassel.de

The protection of your personal information is very important to us, so we will handle your personal information with care. By your application, you allow us the storage and use in the sense of the Hessian Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act. You can object to this at any time. Your personal data will be deleted.

Information according to Art. 13 DSGVO for the application process at the University of Kassel can be found at:

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