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We are seeking to fill the following vacancy in the 02 Faculty of Humanities and Cultural Studies, the Institute for English and American Studies, on 1 October 2023 or as soon as possible after this date:

W 3-Professor (m/f/x) “Research on Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages: Didactics of the English Language”

Closes: 20.06.2022
Date of Hire: 01.10.2023
Reference: 35065

Please send your application with the usual informative documents, stating the reference number in the subject line, via the online form. We have compiled further information for you in our FAQ.

In exceptional cases, we will also accept your application documents in paper form or via the e-mail box bewerbungen[at]uni-kassel[dot]de, stating the reference number.

In the case of postal applications, please submit only copies of your documents (no folders), as these cannot be returned. All documents will be destroyed after completion of the selection process in compliance with data protection regulations.

Applicants should be able to communicate the subject in research and teaching throughout a broad range of topics and cover the central areas of research related to teaching and learning foreign languages with reference to English. The candidate is expected to be able to demonstrate the ability to link up with the main subject areas in the Institute or Faculty, primarily, for example, in the fields of empirical research, the connection between didactics and cognitive science, didactics of multilingualism and sustainable development in education.

The teaching tasks (8 hours of teacher/student contact) involve all the university courses in English and American studies with a major focus on all the study phases for those seeking to become school teachers as well as assisting with the completion of practical studies in schools or the teaching practice semester. The official duties not only include teaching and research, but also promoting young academics, e.g., in the form of the GeKKo (Humanities and Cultural Sciences) graduate school, working on university committees and performing internal academic administrative procedures.

The candidate is expected to handle teaching and research work with an international and interdisciplinary profile. Research activities must be documented by high-quality publications (usually peer review). Applicants must have experience in attracting and completing externally funded, competitive projects. A commitment to cooperate with international and interdisciplinary teaching and research networks at the University of Kassel, e.g., cooperation with a) the Centre for Teaching Training and the research projects related to the teacher training quality offensive, b) at the academic centre known as “Kassel Institute for Sustainability” at the university and/or at the Centre for Empirical Teaching and Learning Research (ZELL) is desired. It would also be desirable for the candidate to become involved in the ongoing development and organisation of the “Integrated Studies Workshop for Languages” as an integral part of the teaching/learning laboratories at the University of Kassel. The candidate is also expected to be prepared to participate in teaching and research initiatives at the 02 Faculty and play a part in expanding international cooperation structures.

The candidate must have gained an excellent PhD degree and have the special qualification to teach at a German university or equivalent certification. Candidates are invited to submit their applications with a CV, a list of their writings, evidence of their experience in teaching and research, activities related to external funding, a teaching concept and teaching evaluations as well as relevant certificates. The required qualifications and performance standards are specified in Sections 67, 68 of the Hesse Higher Education Act. Evidence of having spent at least three years at a school must be provided according to Section 68 Para. 4 of the same act.

If you have any questions about this vacancy or the application process, please contact Prof. Dr Holden Härtl, Tel.: +49 561 804-7428, E-Mail: holden.haertl(at)uni-kassel.de.

For more job offers visit stellen.uni-kassel.de

The protection of your personal information is very important to us, so we will handle your personal information with care. By your application, you allow us the storage and use in the sense of the Hessian Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act. You can object to this at any time. Your personal data will be deleted.

Information according to Art. 13 DSGVO for the application process at the University of Kassel can be found at:

The University of Kassel is very interested in the professional satisfaction of its employees. It is distinguished as a family-friendly university and, in the interests of equal opportunities, strives to offer everyone the same opportunities for development and to counteract existing disadvantages. It promotes the Family Welcome Service and also the Dual Career Service for positions that are scientifically and academically filled. One of the strategic goals of the University of Kassel is to significantly increase the proportion of women in research and teaching. Applications from women are therefore particularly welcome. Seriously handicapped and equivalent applicants are given preference if they have the same suitability, qualifications and professional performance. Full-time positions are generally divisible (except when filling civil servant positions).

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